Computer Science

About this page

This page tells you a little about what I know about computers... Note that I have a tendency to almost entirely wipe all the syntax from my brain if I don't use a language for more than a month (this means that when I say I'm "very good" at a specific language it doesn't necessarily reflect my current proficiency with the language).


  • C (average)
  • Matlab (very good)
  • Python (basic)
  • R (good)
  • VHDL (a little bit more than basic)
  • Assembler (on microcontroller - good)


  • (X)HTML (very good)
  • XML/DTD/etc (good)
  • JavaScript (getting good)
  • PHP (average)
  • MySQL/SQLite (basic/beginner)
  • SVG (good. I know some may dispute its inclusion as a separate entry from HTML)
  • Flash/ActionScript3 (very good)
  • CSS (good)


  • Photoshop (good)
  • 3DS max (very good 10+ years ago, now not so much)


  • Good understanding of the main OSes (Windows+++, Linux+, MacOS+)
  • Good understanding of networking concepts
  • Very good with the main office suites (Microsoft Office and

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