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Comments on JSP Questionnaire

    I picked up the questionnaire with PHP in staf14 and changed it with JSP. Another change to the questionnaire is to require the subject to finish all the items before getting the result which is an achievement by chance.

    JSP is quite similar to PHP. You can mix the codes within the HTML page and the codes don't appear in the View-Source of Netscape or IE. Thus we can do something safer with it. But it is server-based. We have to install all the necessary Java information in the server to run JSP. If we can't achieve that, it's better to write pages with PHP.

Technical problems and solutions

    Frankly speaking, I was totally lost at the beginning. Then I picked up several similar examples, read them and tried to understand them. Then I tried to rewrite some of them. But each time I made a change it did not work. Then I began to do a lot of copy and paste work. At last I got the whole page which I thought should work. But still it didn't. I had to go to ask Schneider for help. He did find the problem: it was short of a semicolon. I put it in and it again refused to work. It was again Schneider who found the problem: we should do something with each item. The result was the restriction of doing all the items before getting the final result.

    It is not easy to check all the minor mistakes of JSP. But here are the steps Schneider later taught me to debug JSP pages.

   The same Questionnaire with Servlet was done later on before I did the project with servlets. It's only a try of serlvet. To do the same kind of work, it's better to use JSP which is much simpler.

SUN April 2000 and Updated June 2000