Questionaire on Language Learning

Each of the following questions have three choices. Click one of them in each and see how well you are doing in your foreign language study.

1. How many years have you learned the language?

      less than one
      two or three
      more than four

2. How many hours do you usually spend learning the language everyday?

      less than two
      two to four
      more than four

3. How do you consult your dictionary when you encounter a problem in understanding the material that you are reading?

      look up the key words
      look it up whenever a new word appears
      rarely look them up

4. By what means do you usually learn the language?

      video tapes or/and cassettes
      TV or/and radio programs
      all or nearly all of the above

5. Your listening ability in the target language is:

      with difficulty
      with much difficulty

6.Your speaking ability in the target language is:

      with difficulty

7. Your reading ability in it is:


8. Your writing ability in it is:

      with difficulty

9. Your knowledge of grammar of the language:

      know all the basic grammar
      know some of it
      know little of it

10. Your vocabulary of the language is:

      less than 2000 words
       more than 6000