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Project Staf 18
Comparison and Analysis of the educational servers
WebCT and TopClass

         WebCT and TopClass are online instructional software applications that facilitate the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational environments by non-technical users. They can be used to create entire online courses, or to simply publish materials that supplement existing courses. They not only produces courses for the Web, but also uses Web browsers as the interface for the course building environment. Aside from facilitating the organization of course material on the Web, they also provide a wide variety of tools and features that can be added to a course. Examples of these tools include a conferencing system, on-line chat, student progress tracking, group project or organization, student self-evaluation, grade maintenance and distribution, access control, navigation tools, auto marked quizzes, electronic mail, automatic index generation, course calendar, student homepages, course content searches and so on.

        Both of them are available now at TECFA servers:


        Of course you need to ask for the permission of Dr. Schneider to use them since they are all password protected. As for the detailed comparison and analysis and all the related information of the two servers, please click here to go to take a look.