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Virtual School on Basics for Photography

(from the users that tested it...(thanks:)

Remark: When the user enters the main hall of the School there are no instructions of what he has to do. Neither there is something to remind him which keys he has already.
Solution(s): Probably, a good idea it could have been to give a small text telling what to do or the user to hear the instructions. In the same hall, it should be also a place like a basket or a bag where the keys gained by the learner should be put into, to remind him which keys he got and which not. Generally, the idea of having a "help" on the menu seems really effective.

Remark: They didn't like the presence of so many transition effects :))))
Solution(s): Keep a simple effect and the same during the course, or just abort all of them!

Remark: For the Aperture room, it was quite irritating the fact that it wasn't paid attention for the images to be at a specific and fixed position all the time resulting to a constant 'trembling'.
Solution(s): Change the x,y coordinates in order all the images to be aligned at the same position.

Remark: Talking for the same room, the digital numbers in the LCD Display screen do not appear well, because of a minor detail: the field that they appear is not big enough.... Also, it had to be considered to erase every image before distributing a new one on top of it and not erase all at the end.
Solution(s):Make the field of the digital numbers big enough in order to fit well and add an eraser that will erase all the possible images that will appear in the course, before loading a new image of digital numbers.

Remark: It was difficult to understand what it was the release button for shooting photos.
Solution(s):One solution could be to change the image with a better one (stolen from the web) or put an animation with a moving arrow that will show where to click.

Remark: Sometimes it was confusing having 2 questions at the same page for a quiz corresponding to 2 different photos...
Solution(s):Simply, split the questions into different pages (of course only the ones that had nothing to do with both of the photos).

Remark: The question of the quiz that involved answers like 1-2-3, 3-1-2, etc to choose the right order was really tiring.
Solution(s): Let the user re-arrange the photos using a drag-and-drop technique.

Remark: For the Exposure room, it was mentioned that it was too much text on the screen and generally the screen was plenty of things to see, that was quite confusing.
Solution(s): creating on the menu an item like guide or help or whatever, that will include all the text shown at the course. Like that, the user would be able to go and consult it every time he needs to.

Remark: The 2 tables with the f-stop and speed values were totally different to each room (for the first right and the other left!!!)
Solution(s): This was due to the fact that the group didn't have enough time to work together. Simply, the design of one of the rooms have to change the tables to be coherent with the other!

Remark: They didn't like the use of the button 'CONTINUE' everytime they wanted to enter a value in the LCD Display screen, and proposed instead to click on the tables to choose the values.
Solution(s): Either to click on the tables, either adopt the buttons (+)(-) to increase or decrease like the f-stop room.

Remark: They found a mistake in the parsing of the values entered to the screen for example 18 was considered like 8!!!!
Solution(s): The solution to the previous remark will be definately the solution to this problem!

Remark: The animation for the activity 4 of the Exposure room was considered very slow...
Solution(s): Make faster the animation...


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