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eXtended MarkUp Language bot

Welcome to the XML bot. This is a robot that answers to all your potential questions about XML, the next generation (?) of HTML... That means that it gives all the answers to all the "Who", "what", "why" and so on questions concerning XML.

Because it is something new and very promising, I'm sure that there are a lot of you out there, web-people, that would like to know more than just the above... The alter ego of Vivian, Pythia, that is haunted on the web :) is here exactly for this reason, to provide you with all the information you need and only for them.

Instead of reading huge articles to extract what interests you (or before doing this, you should probably want to know if it's worth doing this), you can ask Pythia specific questions and she will give you all the possible answers considering the limitations of course of a bot. Like that, a web page with all the information that concern you and ONLY you is created, also with all the relevant links.

Consider it as a dynamical article written just for you! Isn't it nice? So, click to the button below and enjoy this privilege :)

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Last modified 12/05/99
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