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DNA structure (VRML)
Virtual BIO-laboratory

DNA laboratory

This page is a preface of a VRML world that is devoted to DeoxyriboNucleicAcid or DNA.

This nucleic acid constitutes the genetic material of all cellular organisms and the DNA viruses. DNA replicates and controls through messenger RNA the inheritable characteristics of all organisms.

The basic structure of a molecule of DNA is the Double Helix. That is, of two parallel twisted chains of alternating units of phosphoric acid and deoxyribose. These chains are linked by crosspieces of the purine bases (Adenine and Guanine) and the pyrimidine bases (Thymine and Cytosine), resulting in a right-handed helical structure, that carries genetic information encoded in the sequence of the bases.

All these might seem like chinese to you but DNA is exactly where it is written the most precise description of every bit of your characteristics that could ever been done. If you want to have at least an idea of how it looks like this amazing molecule just enter my 3D laboratory or if you are in a hurry watch only the helix...

*WARNING: In order to enter my virtual laboratory you need absolutely a Plug-in for VRML like Cosmoplayer and preferably a Pentium of at least 32MB memory..
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