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Euro questionnaire

This questionnaire is about euro and the transitional period. It is a very up-to-date subject that all european citizens are going to face it soon. It has 10 questions either in "multiple choice" mode either in "text" mode. Every question is accompanied with an image that has to do with euro, either symbols or coins in order to promote the educative aspect I wanted to give. The user is being asked to give his name in the beginning because I keep track of all the users and their score in a file called results.dat.
Questions appear one by one and the users choice is being followed by a "feedback" screen that draws again the question putting a cross in front of the false answer given and a tick in front of the correct and of course the feedback that explains in words whether he has given the right answer or not and why. The user has the option to quit whenever he wants or starting all over again with the menu bar.
In the end he can see his name and score in the "HALL OF FAME" :) and choose to learn more from the official sites for euro or do again the questionnaire to test whether he improved or not. Resuming, the realisation of my objectives accordingly is:


Technical Problems
For such an interesting subject I wanted to provide apart from a quiz an educative aspect to inform for the changes. So, I realised that I should concentrate my attention in the creation of feedback.
I had to choose between immediate feedback and feedback in the end. I chose the first (even though it was more difficult) because according to Skinner's principles immediate feedback promotes learning in such occasions.
That means that my script is in constant communication with the server and answers are being treated each time separately. This fact causes the loss of the previous data. I solved this problem by submitting the values of the most important variables to the next question and so on until the end. These variables are:

Variable status is the solution that my husband proposed me to the problem how to show a question 2 times, first simple and the second accompanied with it's feedback.


Conception and References
I thought quite a lot before creating this questionnaire. I came across with many ideas but nothing seemed to be really worthing the idea of a questionnaire. I wanted to make something that could be also educative apart from being a simple test.
The idea with euro came to me just in time when I was really worried, with the appearance of a leaflet that was delivered in France in order to inform French citizens for the transitional period of euro. It was only a few weeks left for this period and it seemed to me very interesting when I realised reading it that there were a few things that a lot of people still don't know.
Immediately it came to me that a questionniare could be really useful to check the knowledge for such a crucial subject and I thought that with an effective feedback someone could learn and improve this knowledge spending only a few minutes. I decorated every question with images of euro coins so as the user has a first idea of how it looks like and the official symbols.
For this attempt my precious help was: (in random order)


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