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I have a degree in educational psychology from University of Geneva and I currently do a postgraduate in the field of Educational Technologies at TECFA (Faculty of Science of the Education).

Very attracted by the pedagogic web design, I am also interested in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), in ergonomy of the data-processing intefaces, in virtual multimedia environments and in designing web-based teaching. My specialization consists with:

  • designing learning and knowing activities
  • taking part in the design of teachwares
  • programing Web-Oriented interfaces
  • developing Usability Testing of Web sites
  • creating courses of remote formation (FAD)
  • being interested in the stakes related to HCI

My report of diploma relates to " the teaching effectiveness of multimedia animations in the training of sequential concepts ". Several authors showed that the use of animation as a teaching support generates worse results in the retention of information or its understanding, than a simple written text. (next) >>>

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+ Recent participation at the EASA (European Academic Software Award) 2002 in Ronneby, Sweden

+ My weblog

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