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Robots in TecfaMOO

Presented by Chris

How to get there
How communicating with them

In TecfaMOO users can program robots for interactions with players.

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How to get there
Klicking on the next link will open a new window and connect you to the TecfaMOO.

  • Please, arrange the new window and this window side by side in order to see both in same time.
    This way, you'll be able checking here what to do next and following the MOO dialog in the new window.

  • (Mac, PC, Unix - using Java Applet WebTerm-2.0) Go to TecfaMoo

    Klick button 'Connect' (top left).
    Result: You arrive on the TecfaMOO.

    Type: connect guest (and add a return)
    Result: You'll be asked to type your name.

    If the name in your answer is already taken by somebody else, you have to invent an other one - your name has to be unique for the system.
    Type: your name or an alias for your name (+ return)

    Caution: Do NOT use any numbers in connection with your name.
    Since robots do not have much of a brain, numbers in names might confuse them.
    Result: You are in the TecfaMOO Arrival Area.

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  • How communicating with them
    In a MOO dialog you always start with " as first letter.
    Type: "your message (+ return)

    Chatting with Kris

    Type: @go chrisgate
    Result: You arrive in the ChrisGate (a part of the MOO home of Chris)
    If Kris doesn't respond just activate him/her by typing: activate kris

    You can ask Kris about me.

    Chatting with Bo

    Type: @go lodge
    Result: You arrive in the Lodge (a part of the MOO home of Chris)
    If Bo doesn't respond just activate her/him by typing: activate bo

    If you want to make a test about TecfaMOO type: "hallo bo
    Just follow his/her instructions.

    When you are finished klick button 'Disconnect' or type: @quit.
    You'll be disconnected from TecfaMOO.

    Enjoy chatting with my robots.

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