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CupOmud, Alex Stewart (Richelieu)

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  • The Cup-O MUD client is a fully functional client for Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs, aka MUDs, MU*s, MOOs, etc), written in the Java programming language. The Cup-O MUD applet allows embedding an active, real-time link to a MUVE system right into a web page or web system, which is immediately available to any user running a Java-capable WWW browser. Local-install and standalone versions of the Cup-O MUD client are also in the works.


    Mac: No text in output window.

    The Java MUD/BSX Applet, Matthias L. Jugel

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  • jMUD is a MUD client with BSX capabilities. It is mainly intended for MUD admins to add this applet to their MUD host WWW Server. Now it is no longer necessary to have a telnet application on your client side. This may not be so interesting in case of raw text-mode MUDs, but with its BSX-capability this applet keeps the need to compile a specific BSX Client on your home machine away and is supported on any platform with a Java appletviewer. It is a subclass of my Telnet class (this implementation is out of date, see below).

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    Author doesn't have time to work it over.

    The Java Telnet Applet, Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meissner

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  • The Java(tm) Telnet Applet is a fully featured telnet program that allows users to connect and login to remote hosts via Internet or Intranet using their WWW-Browser only. Not only it includes telnet compliant connection services, but also the ability to dynamically load additional Terminal Emulations and Modules.

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    Adding buttons.

    JXTerm, Ganymede Corporation

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  • JXTerm(tm) is a terminal emulator written in the Java(tm) programming language. JXTerm includes support for telnet connection service and xterm terminal emulation. It can be run within a web browser or stand alone to provide access to services such as Unix shells, chat rooms, and MUDs.

    JXTerm 1.0 is available for downloading and evaluation purposes under the terms of the JXTerm license agreement. For purchasing, the list price on single copy sales is $39.95 USD. For OEM licensing and quantity discount information, contact Ganymede Corporation at or by calling 312-663-4500 M-F from 9-5 CST.

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    $39.95 USD

    Mocha Telnet,

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  • Mocha Telnet is an application written in Java, making it possible to run telnet based applications from a Web browser, without a local installed telnet application.

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    $80.00 USD

    Talean, Paul Mclachlan

  • Description:
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  • You can use Talean to connect to Forest, our talker, or download it in several formats:
    .tar.Z, .tar.gz, .zip
    Author: "At the moment, its a poor mans colour-xterm."

    Telnet Applet

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  • Author: "Incomplete"

    WebTerm-2.0, Dianne Hackborn and Melanie Johnson, NACSE

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  • The WebTerm java applet is a terminal emulator implemented in java, which can be used to embed telnet sessions within web browsers or other applications which use java.

    WebTerm is available via anonymous ftp from; the binary (byte-compiled java) distribution is in the file /pub/nacse/webterm/WebTerm-bin-2.0.tar.Z. The source distribution is available in the file /pub/nacse/webterm/WebTerm-2.0.tar.Z.

    Looks nice, works well.

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