-(vrml user groups : VRML User Group from The Mining Company, Living Worlds is a Working Group of the VRML Consortium)

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    url déjà mentionné Palace. There are over 1000 Communities to choose from. They allow you to talk, to have your avatar. See the list of Palace sites

    With Funtopia Engine, Avanteer can transform a static web site into a virtual multi-user social experience for the Web-user. Funtopia is a multi-player game site featuring 3-D avatars engaged in real-time interaction in a medieval setting.Funtopia : a multi-player chat and game virtual world (blackjack, pocker...)

  • Collaborative Virtual RealityThe system allows engineers located at geographically remote factories ti interact with their models inthree dimensions in real time and to communicate design information ti each other.

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  • Fraunhofer Center Research in Computer Graphica et dans le meme site : VETAF

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