Curriculum Vitae

Humilly   74580 Viry   France   Phone: home +33 450.04.71.94


Student in the field of educational technologies at the School of Psychology and Education (TECFA) of the University of Geneva/Switzerland, leading up to a Diplôme d'Études Supérieures (STAF: Sciences et Téchnique de l'Apprentissage et de la Formation), (as of October 2000).

Masters (Diploma) in Mechanical Engineering (major: Medical Engineering);
University Ulm/Germany "Fachhochschule Ulm" and University of Delaware/U.S.A.; (February 1995).
Thesis: "A Finite-Elements Study on the Mechanical Stresses in the proximal Femur


Engineer,  Hewlett-Packard (Suisse) S.A. renamed in Agilent Technologies (Suisse) S.A. after company split in November '99, in the Medical Customer Support Group, (September 1999 to June 2000).

Engineer,  Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Ratingen/Germany in the Medical Response Center, (May 1996 - August 1999).

Research Assistant,  University of Delaware, Newark, DE/U.S.A. in cooperation with the A.I. duPont Institude, Children's Hospital, Wilmington, DE/U.S.A., (March - November 1994).
Analytical investigation into the effect of varying muscle loads on the stresses in the proximal end of an infant femur (diploma thesis) using PATRAN and ABAQUS numerical modeling programs (Finite-Elements).

Other activities

Clinical Assistant,  Ulm/Germany (1991, '92 and '95) and Jung-Stilling Hospital, Siegen/Germany (winter 1995).
Worked as a temporary assistant at the intensive care unit and at various surgical wards.

Paramedic,  German Red Cross, Siegen/Germany, (December 1987 - March 1990, summer 1990 and 1991).
Trained and employed as a paramedic in the emergency rescue service.

Volunteer,  Bomberos Voluntarios, Quetzaltenango/Guatemala (March 1995).
Volunteered as a paramedic in the Guatemalean firebrigade.

The complete CV is available in WORD-format: curriculum-vitae.doc