Glossary Definition: Homepages

                  The Homepages tool allows you to create
                  your own web page. Clicking on this icon
                  will take you to a list of student names.
                  You can view any user's homepage by
                  following its hyperlink. To customize your
                  own page, click on your name. The
                  window will now be divided in two
                  frames. The bottom frame provides you
                  with the attribute options that you can set
                  for your homepage. The top frame will
                  display the page as you update it.
Glossary Definition: Bulletin Board

                  The bulletin board (or forum) is a place
                  where public messages are posted. You
                  can find out more on forums at What is a
                  bulletin board?
Glossary Definition: Chat

                  The Chat tool lets you 'talk' to lecturers or
                  students online. Find out more about this
                  tool on How do I chat online?

Glossary Definition: Calendar

                  With the Calendar tool you can view any
                  scheduled events. You can add private
                  entries to the calendar (visible only to
                  yourself) and, if the instructor has allowed
                  it, public ones (visible to everyone in the
                  course) . A list of new events pops up
                  when you access the calendar.

Glossary Definition: Password

                  This tool allows you to change your
                  module password.

Glossary Definition: Presentation

                  This tool allows students to upload files to
                  the course. Students, usually working in
                  groups, can do online presentations.
                  Clicking on this icon divides the browser
                  window in two frames. The top frame lists
                  the groups and their respective
                  presentations. Clicking on a group name
                  lists the login ID's of the members in the
                  lower frame while clicking on a project
                  link creates a new window containing the
                  presentation. The group to which you
                  belong will have an "Edit" image next to its
                  name. Clicking on this image will take you
                  to the file manager where you can upload
                  and organize your presentation files. Note:
                  You must name your starting file
                  "index.html" otherwise the project name
                  will not be hyperlinked to your

Glossary Definition: refresh

REFRESH is one of the options on the menu in the learning
materials. You choose this option to return (refresh) your
notes after you have visited a WebCT tool such as bulletin
board, email or glossary.