What is a Bulletin Board (Forum)?

A bulletin board is place where messages can be posted for public display. On the Internet, and in some of the online modules, a bulletin board may also be called a forum.

 In WebCT, a bulletin board is the main tool and forums are created inside the bulletin board. Course designers may have a different intepretation and interchange the two terms. Bulletin boards and forums may serve different purposes depending on the delivery of the module. For example, a bulletin board is a place to leave messages, and a forum is a place to discuss issues.

 A bulletin board (or forum) can be used :

This icon will be displayed if you have a new message.

 The bulletin board layout, with three frames, is very similar to that of the e-mail window. The main difference between the bulletin board and e-mail is that when you
 post to a forum, everyone sees the posted messages.

 Bulletin boards are used to ask questions about the course. The questions can be general or specific. They are open to all readers and can be answered by students or instructors.

A student is also encouraged to answer questions that other students have posted.
The image on the left shows the command buttons used to display the different forums. The Back button will return you to the module homepage. Note that the bulletin board has a Help button - this will give you detailed online help on how to use the bulletin board. To post a new message, click on Compose, enter the text, and then see the Send message. Like email forum messages also accept attachments.

 Forums may be set up for particular topics. Click on the Forum button to see the different forums.

 If you want to see message you have already read, click on the Show All button. Just as in email you can search for specific key words. Click on the bulletin board
 Help button for more details.

 Messages which have not been read will have a "New" icon next to the message as in the example below.

 As in the e-mail, only unread messages will appear on your screen. Click on the blue-underlined text of any message you want to read. You will then see the text of
 the message appear in the lower right hand frame. See the example below.

 Just as in email, you can click on the Reply or the Quote button to respond to the message. The difference here is that the message does not go to a specific
 individual. Rather it is posted in the bulletin board for all in the class to read. Remember that there may be more than one forum. Check that the Forum box is
 showing the correct forum for your message(s).