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        I tried to create something with the intension of being both meaningful and initial. But unfortunately I failed, since on the one hand, I am not good at drawing and it needs much time to create things. On the other hand, I think the icons in Microsoft Office has become a standard. It is really hard for anyone to surpass it. The icons in any serious work resemble, in one way or another, those in MSoffice. Besides the web has a vast sea of resources in nearly every field and this is true for the icons too. We can always find what we need there. This is a much better way than wasting time on creating things which tend to be never used by anyone. With the limit of time, I think it is better to go into the web and find something interesting and useful. As far as I understand, the most important thing here is not to create things but to understand the meaning of icons and to know how to use them properly. Therefore I choose two pairs of them which I think are very interesting and usable in our work.

Functional Icons
 It can be used as a Start.  
 A nice Copy image.
 A vivid Zoom picture.  
 A good Search through the Web.  
 A Connection to the Web.  
Marking Icons
A book with a red mark serves a nice Bookmark. 
 It resembles exactly the Directry in the Widows Explorer. 
 It is a very kind Server, right? 
 There, you can find all the Tools you need 
 Find your Files there. 

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