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"Parsing XML with DOM"


Technical details-problems
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Having already worked with XML several times, I thought that it would be better to include some of my real projects I have done during my assistanat at TECFA. So, the most important cases I give here are :



Introduction page:

I am presenting the DTD's of Formation Continue and project staf18. Actually, for staf18 I made many DTD's that all together form a complete one and can be combined in different ways also. I made some small changes in the DTD of Formation Continue, like adding the id's for the courses and some other minor ones.

XML files:

For the formation Continue, I give here the original file that have been filled in by the users (with my help for some of them). For staf18, I use the xml files from the students of staf-f.


For the formation continue, I parse the xml file and I create a contents table for all the existing courses and their modules. For the staf18 project, I parse 2 files from each student's directory and I extract useful information such as : info for the files, group info (names, url's, etc), titles, etc. that are helpful for the monitoring of the project by the professor.


Technical details - problems

As far as it concerns the DTD's, I found the conception quite easy. Of course there was always the precious guidance of DKS who with his experience pointed out the mistakes that I was doing, mostly concerning the semantics aspect.

For the filling in of the XML file, I used xml-mode of Emacs that works quite well, although not perfectly :)

For the parsing of the xml files I used the DOM parser of Xerces. I know that it is slower than SAX, but having not much time to invest to this also, I decided to do it that way, that seemed to me easier for the time being and leave SAX for the near future. Of course, for the "catching" of the exceptions I used SAX that is more precise in most of the cases.

The things that I am proud of (or ashamed of :)


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