You are about to enter in the Virtual Library of the Biblioteca de Documentazione Pedaogica (BDP).

This Library is a new kind of interface that allows you to interact with a large database that contains numerous pedagogical materials. Therfeore, this virtual world will not make any sense if you don't perform a search in the database ;-)

For the moment, everybody will be considered as a registered user... This means that, for the test period, everybody can add material to the database.

If you need some help to navigate in a VRML world using CosmoPlayer, you can click on the '' (bottom right corner) anytime. Most of the time, you can go directly to a place just by clicking on it, otherwise, you will need to turn your head or to 'physically' go somewhere.

Read the texts that appear in the bottom frame, they are indications that can help you to navigate...

You can now ENTER in the virtual world...

Have a good time !