WEB: Activity 3

With this activity the user learns how to follow a reference in a page to find information in another book. The goal of the activity is to be able to reference information in a second book by specifying the book "name" and "location" (URL concept).


View A page of text from a book with some highlighted words in it.
Activity Click on one of the highlighted words. The system will return some information:
  • the name of the book which contains the wanted page of information
  • the location of the book inside a book-shelf.

By using the information given, construct the reference to the desired page of information in the form
{"name of the book"."location of the book"} .

Click on this reference to locate the "page" of in formation on the referenced book.
Call this reference a URL (Universal Resource Locator).

On-line-help On the wall there is a picture which gives access to a short explanation on the concept of "URL" (Universal Resource Locator).
Antonella Krige, 4.3.98, Hanspeter Heeb,