WEB: Activity 2

With this activity the user learns how to follow a reference inside a "page" to find other "pages" of information. The purpose of the activity is to acquire the concept of "link" between "pages" of information and the notion of "anchor".


View A page of text from a book with some highlighted words in it.
Activity Click on one of the highlighted words. The correspondent "page" of information will be displayed. Using the navigation tools go back to the first presented page and by clicking onto the highlighted word return to the second displayed page. Repeat this procedure. Call the "highlighted word" and ANCHOR and call the movement between pages of information a "DYNAMIC LINK".
On-line-help On the wall there is a picture which gives access to a short explanation on the concept of "dynamic link".
Antonella Krige, 4.3.98, Hanspeter Heeb,