FTP: Activity 6

With this activity the user uploads and downloads files from the TECFA FTP server.


View There is a computer in the room named LOCAL and through a window one can see another computer in another building, that is the TECFA server.
Activity From the LOCAL computer use the FTP application to:
  • UPLOAD two Authorware solution files (*.A3W files) in the /tecfa.unige.ch/pub/teaching/staf16/pc/ directory.
  • DOWNLOAD the file WELCOME.HTML from your C:\TEMP directory to the directory /tecfa.unige.ch/comm/tecfa/www/staf/staf-d/your-name. This is your Home Directory in the TECFA file server.
  • DOWNLOAD the file c:\TEMP\TEST.HTML in the subdirectory STAF15 of your Home directory.

On-line-help On the wall there is a picture which gives a simple map of the TECFA server File System.
Antonella Krige, 26.2.98, Hanspeter Heeb,