FTP: Activity 2

With this activity the user learns how to copy a file from one computer to another machine linked via a cable. The goal of the activity is to make the user verify that a copy does not remove the original file even when it is made between two computers.


View The room is split in two parts. There is a computer in each part.
Activity Two computers are connected with a cable. Copy the file TEST.TXT from computer A to computer B and verify that the TEST.TXT is in the root of the C: drive on both PCs.
By making the user copy a different file from the one copied in activity one, the game tries to engender a transfer of knowledge with a change in the task.
On-line-help On the wall there is a picture which gives access to a short explanation of the COPY command between two machines.
Antonella Krige, 25.2.98, Hanspeter Heeb,