Exercise 1 - STIC I - Wall-e

Student name: Emanuela Sebastiani

Date: 29 October 2016

Below are the links to the various items included in the exercise:

  1. My homepage at Tecfa
  2. My workpage at Tecfa
  3. My impress.js presentation at my workpage
  4. My homepage at EduTechwiki


  1. Homepage at Tecfa: to present the basic information about my professional background and current academic path, specifically as an MA student in the MALTT program.
  2. Workpage at Tecfa: to present my works for the STIC I class in an orderly fashion, listed by exercise number and subsections.
  3. Impress.js presentation: to give a concise and visually enhanced presentation of the most renowned 4.000 meters peak of the alpine region of Vallée d'Aoste.
  4. Homepage at EduTechWiki: to introduce myself as Wiki contributor, giving basic information about my professional profile and pointing to a Wiki page about one of my interests.


  1. The design used for my homepage at Tecfa is really basic. I used an external CSS file and decided to display one picture to enhance the look of the page.
  2. My workpage follows a tree structure designed to display the information in an orderly and coherent fashion. The structure in itself is simple but corresponds to the objectives.
  3. The impress.js presentation follows a simple logic, which is to give prominence to the most important elements of the presentation (i.e. the two major peaks of Vallée d'Aoste) by enhancing them visually, whilst toning down the rest of the content to serve as background information.
  4. The EdutechWiki homepage is designed to give users a sense of where the author comes from, professionally and academically, and what her main interest in the field of learning technologies currently is.


As for HMTL5 and XML, I tried to use my basic skills to create my first HTML5 and XML pages. In case of doubt, I resorted to the w3schools tutorials.

Regarding impress.js, I followed the recommended tutorials and studied the demos, especially the demo realised by Bartek Szopka.

Lastly, my EduTechwiki homepage has been created following the guidelines published on the EduTechWiki website.


My total lack of previous knowledge in computer languages and coding clearly shows. Both HTML5 and XML files are minimalist but they display correctly.

As for the impress.js presentation, I encountered several difficulties in applying rotation and scaling to my work. The result is rather poor and the presentation itself still needs work.

Finally, my EduTechwiki homepage is minimalist and I look forward to improving it as the course unfolds.


  1. STIC:STIC I - exercice 1 (Wall-e)
  2. w3schools.com XML tutorials
  3. impress.js demo by Bartek Szopka


No additional resources were used to complete the exercice.

Wiki contribution

My contribution is simply my homepage (for more information see the above objectives).